This past weekend I not only spent it celebrating my cousins wedding but also mine and Ben’s first anniversary. We were lucky enough to spend our day watching two people very much in love, make the biggest commitment of their lives – I can’t think of a better way to have spent our anniversary.

But where there’s a wedding there’s panic – not just from the bride and groom. No… the guests, especially the women – we go into shopping overdrive trying to find the perfect outfit. One that won’t upstage the bride, but we feel just as glam in.

That means some specific rules – rules that I know my fellow ladies know all too well about!

  1.  Do not wear white
    Probably the most important rule – it’s fairly obvious that the bride will be wearing white and NO guest should steal attention away from the bride; it is her big day… not yours.
  2.  Avoid going overboard 
    Yes weddings may be an excuse to buy a new outfit, but avoid going overboard. Extravagant maxi dresses, prom dresses, glitter, sequins and especially anything too lacy are a no-go. No matter how great you feel in that sequinned body-con dress. 
  3. Don’t go too slutty
    I’m just as big of a fan of a plunging neck line as the next girl – but remember it’s not a night out clubbing it’s a wedding… 
  4. Don’t go too casual
    Just as you can’t go too skimpy – you also can’t rock up in a pair of jeans – much to my dismay.
  5. Try to avoid wearing black
    Now this is the hardest rule for me – I basically live in black but unfortunately it’s seen as a taboo at a wedding… Unless you’re only attending the reception… 
  6. Accessories are your best friend 
    Unfortunately I have reached an age where everyone seems to be getting married and it is proving very expensive! Invest in a great staple outfit and change it up with accessories – a different bag, hats, killer shoes. Statement accessories are a great way of jazzing up a fairly basic look.
  7. Keep the slap simple
    I’m by no means saying go for a natural look, but try and keep it fairly grounded. Think earthy – golds, browns, reds and greens on the eyes. If you really want to make an impression go for a bold lip – there is nothing more classic than a black wing and a bold red lip. 
  8. Pack the flats
    You don’t want to be that drunk girl dancing bare foot 
  9. Dresses aren’t essential
    Remember there are so many other options – jumpsuits are a great alternative stylish whilst super comfy 
  10. Have fun! 
    At the end of the day you’re there to celebrate two people in love – if the outfit isn’t perfect don’t sweat it no one is looking at you anyways. 

I opted for a navy jersey jumpsuit, a nude clutch bag, nude wedges and a simple rose gold Alex necklace. I was there for the whole day and wanted to be comfortable so a jersey jumpsuit with wedges was perfect. I knew I could get down and dirty on the dance-floor without having to take my shoes off!

Ben also surprised me to some new makeup – Charlotte Tilbury my favourite beauty brand! He handed me a gorgeous purple box filled with the ‘Instant Seductive Beauty Look ‘set. I was completely over the moon and instantly dipped into my new goodies creating a simple subtle smokey eye – complementing my favourite lippy ‘Super Cindy‘.

What are your go to wedding rules? Drop me a line in the comments box below.

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