Sadly, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been incredibly busy with work and to be honest, I haven’t felt very inspired. Although last week something very special happened and I felt compelled to write a short post about it.

On Wednesday 1 November, Ben and I travelled into London to attend a reading… I shared earlier in the year that I had tickets to see/hear my hero Tom Hanks give a reading of his debut novel ‘Uncommon Type’.


I’ve never been so excited in all my life! I sat with bated breath and after what felt like an eternity, Tom finally walked on stage. I immediately burst into tears feeling overwhelmed, he hadn’t even started talking! I sat in awe for two hours, I’m not even sure if I took a breath until his reading was over, it was amazing.

But, that’s not the best part, the next day I had a very important date. Ben and I were up at 6 am to meet Mr Hanks himself, face-to-face. I was nauseous, on edge, excited, basically every emotion rolled into one. I spent the next four hours praying I wouldn’t cry when it came to crunch time.

Finally at 10:16 am I was standing in front of my idol.

His first words to me, do you want a coffee smudge in your book too? Laughing I agreed, and then panicking I said, “my boyfriend likes your jacket” pointing at Ben. He then spoke to both Ben and I about his jacket whilst I stood like a gawping idiot.


And at 10:17 am it was over, my double dose of T.Hanks was complete.

I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, I’ve managed to hold it together and am yet to cry. That minute was the best minute of my entire life. I doubt my wedding day, the birth of my first child or even if I won the lottery could ever beat that!

I just wish I had said thank you for how he’s made me feel with his movies, but knowing his jacket is from Levis was enough.

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