I'm starting to wonder, who doesn't have a beauty line? It seems every other day a new makeup brand is emerging from nowhere. All you need is a pinky toe in a dim spotlight and a few 100,000 followers on Instagram and you're well on your way to a beauty empire.

Friday saw the launch of much anticipated Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. I like to believe I'd be forgiven for thinking "Oh look, another celeb gimmick." Rihanna who has a vast following (to say the least) and seems to have a finger, toe, arm in every pie hardly had me holding out hope for a genuinely good collection.

Looks like I should eat my words, because I'm caught up in the hype and could easily be mistaken for a die hard Navy member. This past weekend I've spent my whole time on twitter, Instagram and YouTube, reading tweets, analysing pictures and watching reviews from the Fenty beauty launch.

Starting with Jeffree Star known for brutally honest product reviews, I was surprisingly shocked at how quickly he loved the collection. Then the highlighter swatches began, I nearly choked on my custard cream - confetti has stolen my heart and I need to bathe in it immediately. I lined up more videos to ensure a wide range of opinions, before I settled on whether to invest or not.

It's safe to say the superstars launch is a huge success, and the hype was much deserved. Rihanna has upped the beauty industry game - kicking off her launch with 40 (YES 40) foundation shades. Most companies have around 12 shades and not surprisingly there are more than 12 skin tones in the world.

I'm sure going forward we'll see more cosmetic companies bringing out larger more diverse skin tone shades. Until then I'm holding out for pay day to get my hands on one of her foundations and the massively instagrammed 'Trophy Wife' highlighter.


Watch Jeffree and Kasey’s reviews below.

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