Happy National Burger Day! 

I’ve just got back from Lamberts and I am filled to the brim full of burgers, beer and peanut butter brownies!

Ben and I have become, dare I say burger connoisseurs – we scour online to find top rated patties, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to stumble across hidden gems.

In honour of National Burger Day here are my top five burger joints in the UK.

  1. Burger and Beyond – we had our first taste last November at Ally Pally fireworks night and were left hooked! They were a permanent resident at Camden street food market – but have now moved to Dinerama in Shoreditch.
  2. Lamberts – a new favourite. Local to my sisters home in Stevenage, situated in a random dive. Their burgers are film themed and the Charles Bronson is a firm family fave.
  3. 5 Guys – yes they’re a chain and all over the place, but damn they’re tasty.
  4. Willetts – these burgers are ENORMOUS! Ben always says I have eyes bigger than my belly, and with these he’s so right. I can NEVER finish a whole one. Plus anywhere that serves brisket is always going to in my top five.
  5. Grubbs – in Brighton and one of Ben’s favourites. I had my first ever Grubbs on a trip to Brighton for Ben’s birthday. Any joint that puts Peanut butter in a burger is alright in my books.

I’d love to hear what your favourite joints are, because we’re always looking for an excuse to eat more burgers! 


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