Trust me to be hospitalised the same week I get a promotion. The week commencing 6 November had the potential […]

It’s been a while…

Sadly, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been incredibly busy with work and to be honest, I haven’t […]

I think I’m in trouble…

ASOS is launching its own beauty line… THIS WEEK! I read last week that my favourite online retailer is joining […]

Who doesn’t have a beauty line…

I'm starting to wonder, who doesn't have a beauty line? It seems every other day a new makeup brand is emerging […]

August favourites

Sadly August is coming to an end and I don't have any more parcels arriving this month. Autumn is just […]

Beers, burgers and battleships

Happy National Burger Day!  I’ve just got back from Lamberts and I am filled to the brim full of burgers, […]

The wedding rules…

This past weekend I not only spent it celebrating my cousins wedding but also mine and Ben’s first anniversary. We […]

The cutest makeup collab ever?

  If you’re a beauty lover and haven’t heard about Moschino x Sephora… err where have you been?! Moschino known […]

Air Jordan 3 30th birthday!

What a time to be alive! The summer isn’t even over and I’m already dreaming about the winter months and […]

Beauty Bay Bonanza

Don’t you hate it when you need to replace your everyday necessities? So on this occasion I treated myself to […]

Latest in Beauty haul

Beauty is my duty… I joined ‘Latest in Beauty’ back in May as a way to cheer myself up, and […]

A night with my hero (part 1)

 I have the most incredible news! Well, to me it’s the best news ever and I’m sure my fellow Tom […]

National Lipstick Day

As some of you may or may not know, Saturday was National Lipstick Day! Although I didn’t celebrate on the […]

It’s Friday I’m in love

Thank God it’s Friday is an understatement! I’m very happy to welcome this weekend, it has been an incredibly long […]

Office casual

What’s that saying? “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” unfortunately rocking up to work in […]

Nice to meet you

First things first I felt it was only right that my first post was an introduction to me and why […]